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The website was established in 2009 "for the love of the pedal steel guitar" and to give steel players of all skill levels an 

opportunity to build a special steel guitar community.  "If you build it, they will come".


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The pedal steel guitar is a type of electric steel guitar that is built on legs or stand and is fitted with foot pedals and knee

levers which change the pitch of certain strings. The word "steel" comes from a piece of polished steel held against the

strings and moved back and forth to change the pitch. Like other electric guitars, the musical instrument produces sound

by the vibration of its strings which are converted by magnetic pickup connected to an amplifier.


Pedal steels may have one or two "necks" that typically have 10 strings each, but may have as many as 14. Unlike most

other guitars, pedal steel guitars have reference lines on the fretboard where frets would be, but no actual frets. The

player changes the pitch of one or more strings by sliding a metal bar (a steel) from one position to another or vibrating

them with a mechanical device, while plucking the strings with the other hand. Pedal steels are typically plucked with

a thumb pick and fingers, or 2 or 3  fingerpicks.







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