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The Steel Guitar Network has it's own product line called "SGN Products".  

SGN Strings "Steel Guitar Network strings" specializes in premium custom steel guitar strings designed to stand up to all your strings immense demands.  Try our strings, we guarantee you will love them or your money back... SGN > Strings

SGN Accessories "Steel Guirar Network accessories" specializes in accessories similar to George L's products but less expensive.

SGN > Accessories

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SGN E9th-10 Premium (standard) 

Pedal Steel Guitar Strings.

Sizes: 12, 15, 11pg, 14, 18, 22, 26w, 30w, 34w, 38w


One Set $8.97 > ADD TO CART

Two Sets $17.00 > ADD TO CART

Three Sets  $24.50 > ADD TO CART 


Pedal Steel Guitar Pick & Bar Pouch    Pedal Steel Guitar Pick & Bar Pouch


1 SGN Soft Genuine Leather Picks & Bar Pouch with one metal zipper. Your 6, 8, 10 & 12 string steel guitar bars,picks and tuning
wrench will fit perfectly. Custom hand made for the Steel Guitar Network.
SIZE: 4 1/2"x 2 3/4"
2 Colors: Black or Tan 
One Black: $9.00 ADD TO CART  
One tan: $9.00 > ADD TO CART 


4 Strings Bass Guitar

Gauges 45-65-85-105  


One set $18.00  ADD TO CART




SIT - SGN Signature C6th - 6 Strings (PW) Non- Pedal/Lap Steel Guitar Strings. SIT Strings is packaging these exclusively for us.

C6th - 6 Tuning

Sizes: 15 18 22p 24w 30w 36w


 1 Set $5.97  ADD TO CART

 2 Sets $11.79  ADD TO CART




GHS Custom Electric Guitar

Round Wound Boomer Strings by world famous GHS Strings.

Sizes: 011, 013, 017, 026w, 036w, 046w 


One Set $4.50  ADD TO CART 

Two Sets $9.00  ADD TO CART

Three Sets $13.00  ADD TO CART





George L's  2 Cable Combo Set 

3 ft and 10 ft .225 Cables.    

Designed for pedal or non-pedal Steel Guitars


One Combo Set  $56.50 ADD TO CART



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